Welcome To Smt Urmila Maheshwari Trust, aim and objectives

Year 2007, Smt Urmila Maheshwari sat with her family members and discussed to pay back to the society and country who has given them everything,a return , a nostalgic moment- love for country, faces of teeming millions Of Indians , underprivedged, born poor by birth, deprived , will remain so unless we made a difference to their lives. All educated entrepeneurs valued EDUCATION and knew education can change life, thoughts , impart values of gurus,religion and nationlism . Ideas materialized into dream project to provide free education , quick education, need based education which one needs in one life time in a proper envoirnment of class room with proper chairs and desks, blackboards, playground,toilet, fans, trained teachers , TV & CDs to help with modern education system with Audio system and of course books. A poorest locality of migrant labourers, sweepers, gardners was choosen in Haibowal and today a "trial" institution is started and well in working today. The aim alsoTo help the poor and needy persons irrespective of caste, colour, creed, race or Religion by starting sewa projects in the particular areas as per their requirement Looking into the need of that particular area.
To promote and conduct activities of cultural, social or charitable nature ,medical and other relief centers and other institute of like nature for the needy masses

To establish ,maintain, manage or render assistance to orphanages, rescue home and homes for widows, old, and infirm persons To open branches units and institutions , etc in different regions of Ludhiana District, cities, towns, and villages . ( If we cannot take care of poor all over India we ca atleast take care of them in our city) , is the Motto
What we do Provide basic education to poorest of poor so that they can read and write what one needs in daily life Pick a locality where these needy poor children whose both parents either work and cannot afford education Poor and school drop out children who roll on streets when their parents are away we bring them to school for education Providing facilitieslike in best of modern school impart them education with all modern and traditional techniques We personally see and watch this techniques and try to put better methods for quick good education We provide them values of good health, family values, Indian culture and national spirit Motivate children and teach them their rights as children and as Individual Indians Physical ,mental development, upgrade IQ and general knowledge Emphasis on holistic development of the students by making them acquire stress-resistance, value-base ethos, communication skills, team-building spirit & awareness and about emerging technologies To create them health conscious and values of good food, hygene , body care Infact, every day everthing new ideas are brought into shape to impart good education

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