My Father
Sh Ghansham Baheti
9 Jan, 1933 - 22 Jan, 1995
Founder Member of Textile Association
My Mother
Smt Urmila Maheshwari
8 Jan, 1940 - 16 July, 2009
Founder of Ludhiana Mahila Maheshwari Mandal

To My Dad

Late Sh. Ghansham Das Baheti

When your eyes were asleep
When your skin was so smooth
When you lied down, there dying
And was nothing I could do
When sky is so dark
And I was helpless and alone

Dad I miss you
I miss you
I miss you so
I'm lonely without you.

When I listen to your heart beat
Suddenly you slip away
A million miles away

When I cry I feel the tears running
Onto the ground
My tears going crazy
Because they have lost you
Deep down, they know, you were my passion
Now that your silent

Dad will you wait for me
I have stories to tell you
What happened today
In your family and around us
Will you wait to listen to them

Dad, I miss you a lot!
I wish you were back here with me now.
The games we played,
The moments we shared,

The odds and even;
and your scolding
will be missed forever

Dad I Miss You
I Miss You
I Miss You So
I'm Lonely Without You

He influenced all with his sparkling individuality, his wisdom, and his love. He guided us to always look at the positive aspects of our lives and dedicated himself, no matter how sufferer he ultimately became, to make us happy and live a joyous life.

His devotion to make everyone happy, and his love of God, will be sadly missed forever, but I am confident that he will continue his path in the comfort, protection, and mercy of God. I miss you dad.

Thanks dad! for teaching me everything I know about hard work and dedication. Thanks for believing I can do what I put my mind and hard work into. I wish if you were here to see your son doing something good for the whole community; Anyways, I am not upset...I know you are in heaven smiling down.... I am dedicating this website to you Dad,Mom and little sister. will be missed forever

- Sh. Sanjay Baheti

Sh Shankarlal Mohta
First Secretary of Ludhiana Maheshwari Samaj