Objectives of ludhiana maheshwari sabha

A social organisation engaged in welfare activities aimed at alleviation of Society especially for Maheshwari Samaj.

» To develop a platform to access the information about Ludhiana Maheshwari Samaj.
» To develop a platform for Ludhiana maheshwari to come together as ONE unit.
» To create awareness among the Maheshwari about their glorious past and recall them of their traditions.
» To help Maheshwari families in marriage, education, businesses and welfare activities.
» Endeavour for day to day, social, moral, educational, mental and cultural upliftment of the society.
» Keep liaison and contact with similar organizations at local, state, national and international levels.
» Guidance and advice to members in tune with times and circumstances of the present day environment in the country.
» Promotion of the spirit of friendship and fraternity, upliftment of the women’s status in society, matrimonial consultations,

Organizational Setup Of Sabha

A group of intellectual, experienced and high status people of the society are the
members of the committee. They are professionals from all streams of
life and their role is of an advisory nature for the Samiti.
They play a vital role in planning the activities and finalising the methodology
for giving strength to Maheshwari Sabha.
Executive Body consists of 15 members namely President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and other members. The Executive Committee Meetings are held regularly every month.
President: Sh Ashok Godani, mobile 94644-17128
Vice President: Sh Pradeep Sarda, mobile 97797-12982
Secretary: Sh Navratan Soni, mobile 94171-38014
Treasurer: Sh Ram Kumar Rathi, mobile 93169-11074
Cultural Secretary: Sh Ravinder Pachisia, mobile 94179-62959
Accountant: Sh Pankaj Periwal, mobile 94172-89431
Jt. Secretary: Sh Ashok Mundhra, mobile 98142-16409

Comittee members: Sh Purshotam Periwal, Sh Jugal Kishore Somani, Sh Sanjay Baheti, Sh Ashok Jawadhia, Sh Kamal Kishore Lohia, Sh Satpal Pachisia ,Sh Nand Kishore Bihani, Sh Sohan Lal Karnani, Sh Jitendra Malpani, Sh Rajendra Mundra. It is the body for taking any vital decision in the interest of the Sabha. Besides this, Diwali Sneha Milan, Holi Milan Function is also organized by the sabha every year where all members and their family participate, a cultural programme, prizes followed by dinner is enjoyed by all. The programme consists of dance drama, skit and other such things wherein the members give their contribution backstage in organizing or on stage by participating to make it a successful event. To preserve the cultural ethos of the society and develop fellowship amongst its members, the executive organizes get-togethers on festivals like GANGAUR, TEEJ and MAHESHNAVAMI etc.
Mahesh navmi is celebrated too in the mandir with prayers offered to Bhagwan Maheshji.

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