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(Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj at the residence of Er. Sanjay Maheshwari)
This site is an endeavour of Er Sanjay Maheshwari, ex-secretary, Maheshwari Sabha, Ludhiana.The vision to make Ludhiana Maheshwari Samaj completely online with changing time and join all Maheshwari in Ludhiana with Maheshwaris in rest of India.
The site is in tribute to his mother Smt Urmila Maheshwari , who passed away on 16 july 2009 who was founder of Maheshwari Mahila Mandal, Ludhiana and president of Pradeshik Mahila Mandal under whose tenure excellent works was done to join Maheshwari Samaj and bring it members to its glory and now his son likes to carry the torch with her blessings and guidance so that her pending works are carried forward as a tribute to her and Maheshwari Samaj.

History of Ludhiana Maheswari Samaj

300 years back Sh Dile Ram ji Baheti, travelled from Napasar, Bikaner district, Rajasthan and settled in Ludhiana as a grain commission agent.His descendents.... carried the family tradition and till 1930 it was the only maheshwari family living in Ludhiana. In 1933, the family set up a textile factory, goods of which were exported to as far as Japan. Weavers were also trained from about 200 villages around Ludhiana. With the generation of electricity, the family set up the first power loom unit, Sh Ghansham Dass ji Baheti was the 1st Vice-President of of The Power Loom Factories Association, Ludhiana.

With Independence and growth of green and industrial revolution in Ludhiana brought many Maheshwari from all parts Of India as time passed by, the number has grown up and today Ludhiana Maheshwari Samaj has about 146 families settled here and have made Ludhiana their home town and Maheshwari of Ludhiana have carved a niche for themselves in various fields contributing a great deal in services,trading and as industrialists.

The traditions, festivals and get togethers of Maheshwari Samaj is held by "maheshwari Sabha, Ludhiana",It is a proud privilege for Maheshwari sabha which has stood up to serve various facets of samaj and it is managed by unanimously elected body.
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